After starting to work with installation of screw foundations and as this innovation in the field of construction becomes more and more popular, we keep hearing the question - "Which screw pile should I choose?". We created this informative video for that 🙂

The screw pile type is most commonly used. The very U-shape at the top of the pile dictates a clear understanding of how to use it - after inserting the structure into the gap of the profile, it is very easy to make a strong knot.
If it was not possible to twist the U-type piles into one smooth line and the structure is thinner - you can adjust the direction during installation by screwing the structure to one or the other "ear" of the pile with two wood screws.

It is easy to attach the frame to the U-type screw pile in two ways:
To one U-profile plate, tightening with 2 screws. This method is more suitable for harder wood and in cases where a protective tape is used for the wood. Fixing the frame in this way from softer, more prone to decay, there is a risk that the reinforcement will not be able to withstand the load over time.
The classic method is with the help of a long thread, tightening through both profile plates. Such installation takes longer, but is more reliable and durable.

The disadvantages of the U-type pile are the limited width of the installed structure. Of course, this can be solved by cutting one profile plate. Also, when turning this type of screw piles, it is important to precisely adjust their height, because it will not be possible to adjust it later.


A type of helical pile with a round, flat top. There is a 12 mm hole at the top of the pole for screwing in a long thread.
When using F-type poles, it is not necessary to twist them perfectly flat - before installing the structure, you will level the height with the help of a long thread, a washer and a nut.

The disadvantage of the F-type pole is that it needs to be twisted in an exact, continuous row. This can be more difficult for the less experienced in construction, but it is precisely for this reason that the F pile type is preferred by construction professionals seeking precision.


The M pile type is identified by the hexagonal plate on the top of the pile. Compared to the U, F pole types, this one is significantly larger, thicker from the bottom. It is for this reason that M-type screw foundations are used where there are greater loads and structures - for bathtubs, saunas, small houses and other structures.

M-type screw piles have a 12 mm diameter hole for screwing in a long thread. As with the F-type pole, when driven into the ground before the structure is installed, the height can be adjusted using a washer and nut. It is also possible to mount the structure at an angle to the M-type screw pile using the side holes in the hexagonal plate.
M pro screw foundations are designed with a thicker wall, so they are significantly more durable.

The downside is that you won't be able to screw these poles in without special installation equipment.

There are still questions about how to choose screw piles? Contact the BeBetono.LT team!