3 reasons why it is worth choosing a screw foundation

One of the most important elements in planning a successful construction project is the foundation. And for their implementation, many people choose screw piles. It's true - many people working in construction work know about them, but few notice the advantages of screw foundations. 1. There is no need to dig the ground, additional management of the environment. There are various ways of installing foundations, but, for example, when concreting, it is necessary to take into account the fact that additional [...]

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Which type of screw pole should I choose?

After starting to work with the installation of screw foundations and as this innovation in the field of construction becomes more and more popular, we keep hearing the question - "Which screw pile should I choose?". We created this informative video for that :) https://youtu.be/Ni_k6qJ59tE U The most commonly used type of screw pile. The very U-shape at the top of the pile dictates a clear understanding of how to use it - after inserting the structure into the gap of the profile, it is very simple [...]

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Screw piles and everything you should know about them

Screw foundations - an economical way of installing foundations that is rapidly becoming popular in Lithuania and around the world. True, surrounded by myths and doubts about their reliability and durability. However, if you look at the technology and objectively evaluate the installation circumstances, it is undoubtedly a modern, efficient and solid solution. Although this foundation installation solution is not applicable to the construction of multi-apartment houses, small architectural structures such as [...]

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