One of the most important elements in planning a successful construction project is the foundation. And for their implementation, many people choose screw piles. It is true that many people who work in construction work know about them, but few notice the advantages of screw foundations.

1. There is no need to dig the ground, additional management of the environment

There are various ways of installing foundations, but, for example, when concreting, it is necessary to take into account the fact that additional work needs to be planned - drilling and forming the ground, and after concreting - managing the environment. Rental of special equipment and machinery, labor - all this costs extra. With screw piles, you can avoid many of these costs. When installing screw piles, there is no need to dig the ground, the work is much more efficient. And after installing the foundations, you don't have to worry about environmental management - nothing is left when screwing in the screw piles.

2. Foundations can be installed in all seasons

One of the main advantages of installing screw foundations or installing a base for a terrace on screw foundations is that you can continue construction work on the same day, without waiting for anything, unlike when installing foundations with concrete - in a particularly cold period, when its setting time is particularly long and project planning has to be extended . 

If the project is small, screw piles can be installed with a hand tool or attachment to the screw driver. However, for larger projects and the installation of screw foundations with special pile driving equipment, you will achieve the result in a few hours or half a day. 

3. Suitable for various soils

Sometimes, in order to properly install the foundations of the project, it is necessary to fix the soil - this is another construction nuance that requires additional costs. With screw piles, you can forget about this extra work - you can drive the piles into almost any soil and make your project more economical.

Obviously, choosing screw piles pays off. You will avoid hard physical work, mess, soil fixing work, and you will easily implement the project even in the cold period. Screw foundations - definitely save your time and money.