Whether it's a DIY project at home or a large business project, screw piles can serve you successfully. We have many years of experience in installing various projects for both private and public sector clients - installing terraces, reinforcing temporary fences, installing roofs or small structures.

Screw-in piles are also ideal for temporary structures, as they can be easily unscrewed and reused without damaging the ground - for example, for fencing at sporting events and festivals or barriers on construction sites.

We offer different models and sizes of screw piles depending on the terrain and soil. Our customers use screw piles for the construction of warehouses, mobile homes, terraces, and road signs.

We aim to establish and build a successful partnership with ambitious construction companies looking to enhance their services with an innovative screw foundation installation system. It is an increasingly popular and sought-after alternative to traditional concrete foundations, expanding market opportunities for our partners. 

Are you a handyman, designer or representative of a real estate development company? Take advantage of our offers. We will provide the necessary assistance, information about the products we sell and the equipment we use. Many years of experience of our team - for your successful projects!