BEBETONO.LT PRIVACY POLICY is important for the trust of each of you in the store, goods and services. This trust is inseparable from the proper use and protection of your personal data. In order for you to know how your personal data is received, used, managed and processed, has prepared this privacy policy, which you can familiarize yourself with below. We note that all actions performed with your personal data are based on the valid provisions of the legal acts of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania.

  1. Concepts

1.1. The administrator is an employee of

1.2. Personal data - any information related to a natural person - a data subject whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly determined using data such as a personal code, one or more physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics characteristic of a person signs

1.3. The controller of personal data is

1.4. An account is an account for connecting to, which is created by active actions of the Buyer in accordance with the specified sequence of actions on the website and where the Buyer's personal data and order history are stored.

1.5. Services - all services provided by to the Buyer, including, but not limited to, the sale of goods on

1.6. Buyer means: (i) an able-bodied adult; or (ii) a minor between the ages of 14 and 18 with parental consent; (iii) an emancipated minor; (iv) legal entities.

1.7. Password is a combination of letters and/or numbers created and used by the Buyer to register

in the system and in your Account.

1.8. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the device of each person visiting, from which is accessed and temporarily saved on that device.

1.9. The rules are the rules for buying and selling goods.

1.10. Direct marketing is an activity aimed at offering goods or services to individuals by mail, telephone or other direct means and/or asking for their opinion on the offered goods or services.

1.11. - an electronic store located at the address, managed by UAB "MDS projektai" - a company established and operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, whose code is 304445716, address for correspondence - Paribio 12, Vilnius, Lithuania, data about the company stored and stored in the register of legal entities of the Republic of Lithuania); and/or, respectively according to the meaning of the text below, UAB "MDS projektai".

1.12. partner is a person who supplies goods or services to; with whom joint actions or projects may be carried out.

1.13. accounts are accounts on various social networks (e.g. Facebook), where actively communicates with its existing and/or potential customers.

  1. General provisions of's privacy policy

2.1. The Buyer, who is familiar with this Privacy Policy (ie, the Buyer agrees that his name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address will be processed for the purposes of activity analysis and direct marketing), when registering or otherwise submitting his data, is considered to have expressed consent to the processing of his Personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address) for Direct Marketing purposes.

2.2. draws the Buyers' attention to the fact that if the Privacy Policy changes, its new version will be placed on the website, which every Buyer will be able to familiarize with by logging in to

2.3. Persons wishing to purchase goods and/or services and/or create an account on must provide the following data: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, and address of the place of residence and/or the place of delivery of the goods. The buyer is considered responsible for the correctness of the data provided.

2.4. requires the Buyer to provide the personal code only in cases where the Buyer orders goods from or partners through leasing, and/or when purchasing product warranty and/or insurance.

2.5. The buyer can change and/or fill in his personal data at any time by logging into the created Account and contacting e-mail. by mail for help in changing data and to cancel the Account.

2.6. If, after purchasing goods and/or services from, the Buyer does not want the personal data provided to be used for Direct Marketing purposes, the Buyer can write an email to or call the general customer consultation number +37066611146 and indicate, that you do not wish to receive e-mails and/or SMS messages. The sending of e-mails and/or SMS messages is terminated only at the Buyer's clearly listed e-mail address. email addresses and/or phone numbers. The buyer can opt out of the newsletter by clicking on the "opt out" or "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

2.7. confirms that the Personal data specified by the Buyer will be processed only in order to properly provide Buyers with the services provided in the electronic store (including the right to participate in promotions, projects). also confirms that the Personal Data specified by the Buyer will be processed for the purposes of activity analysis and Direct Marketing, if the Buyer gives such consent and does not withdraw it.

2.8. undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's Personal Data to third parties, except with the Buyer's consent, when executing an order through's partners and in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.09. The buyer has the right: (i) after submitting a written request to, to familiarize himself with his personal data held by and to receive information from which sources and which personal data were collected, for what purpose they are processed, to which recipients of the data are provided and have been provided at least during the last 1 (one) year; (ii) submit a request to in writing, by e-mail, by telephone +37066611146, regarding the deletion of the Account or the suspension of Personal Data management actions, when this is done in violation of the provisions of legal acts, except for the cases provided for in the Privacy Policy; (iii) disagree with the Privacy Policy and the disposal of the Buyer's Personal Data in the order specified in this Privacy Policy - in this case, the Buyer will not have the opportunity to purchase goods and/or services in the electronic store; (iv) perform other actions provided for in the Privacy Policy and legal acts.

2.10. 2.09 p. in the listed relevant cases, provides the Buyer with an answer and performs the actions specified in the submitted request or refuses to perform them within 30 (thirty) days at the latest.

2.11. When picking up the goods, the Buyer's identity document is requested and the Buyer's data contained in it are used only for personal identification.

2.12. The buyer, by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, agrees that his Personal data will be used to fulfill his order, regardless of whether he orders goods and/or services from as a seller or from Partners, and also agrees that his Personal data may be transferred to Partners.

2.13. The Buyer's Personal Data is provided to European Union member states or other foreign countries under the same conditions and procedure as to subjects located in the Republic of Lithuania and only for the purposes provided for in this Privacy Policy.

2.14. stores personal data as long as this person uses services, except for the cases specified in this Privacy Policy.

2.15. After the cancellation of the Account, the Buyer's Personal Data may be stored by the Personal Data Controller

on the server for up to six months, except in cases where the data provided by the Buyer was (i) used in the commission of an illegal act or (ii) it is suspected that identity theft or other violation was committed, as a result of which an investigation by the relevant law enforcement authorities was or will be conducted, (iii) if BeBetono .lt has received complaints related to the relevant Buyer, or if has noticed violations of's buying and selling rules by the relevant Buyer; or (iv) to store Personal Data for other legitimate purposes. This data is destroyed upon receipt of lawful instructions from law enforcement or other authorized authorities.

2.16.'s internal technological solutions ensure that the Personal Data submitted by the Buyer to are protected from any illegal actions, loss, unauthorized use and changes, that is, the level of personal data protection meets the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.17. The buyer undertakes and is obliged to keep his login password and login name, as well as other data. The buyer undertakes and is obliged not to disclose Personal data about himself or third parties to any other third parties, if such Personal data of third parties has become available to him, and to immediately inform of visible violations.

2.18. In the event of or diagnosing possible problems on, the Administrator may use the Buyers' IP addresses.

2.19. If doubts the correctness of the Personal Data provided by the Buyer, it may suspend the processing of the Buyer's Personal Data, verify and correct this data. Such Personal Data are used only to verify their correctness.

2.20. In order to provide the Buyer with the full range of electronic store services, Cookies may be stored on the Buyer's device used to connect to

2.21. By approving the Privacy Policy, the buyer agrees to the recording of this Privacy Policy on his device

Cookies provided in the policy. The Buyer can revoke this consent at any time by changing the settings of his internet browser, but in this case certain functions of the online store may not work for him.

2.22. Cookies used by are intended for the transmission of information via an electronic communication network. You can delete or block all or part of these cookies with your browser settings, but in this case some of the functions of the website may not work. Another type of cookies is to collect information to calculate attendance (collect statistical information), provide content that meets the interests of Buyers, and save visit history. does not use this type of Cookies, but draws the Buyers' attention to the fact that some Partners may use this type of Cookies, so if the Buyer suspects that this type of Cookies is being used without his consent, he should contact a specific Partner.

  1. Final Provisions

3.1. This Privacy Policy comes into effect in 2018. May 17 Any changes to the Privacy Policy will

are published and publicly visible on