How to fasten the frame to the screw pile?2021-03-24T05:55:46+00:00

Screw piles can be installed long thread or screws


What should I do if I hit a stone while installing the screw pile?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

If the circumstances allow, you can pull the pile slightly to the side or split/push it with the help of a hole punch.

How to install screw foundations? Is it possible to install them yourself?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

The fastest way to install screw foundations is with special pile driving equipment. Before driving the pile into the ground, it helps a lot to drill the soil with a thin drill bit or a 25 mm drill bit. This gives it the right direction, so it's easier for it and its thread to support the sides when turning the pole without the bottom resting on the ground.

What weight can screw piles withstand?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

Screw piles reliably withstand a vertical load of 400-800 kg.

How long will an installed screw foundation last?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

Typically, screw piles last 25-30 years, but under favorable environmental conditions they can last up to 50 years.

How long does it take to install screw foundations?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

Depends on the primer and the installer. Usually 20-25 poles can be installed in half a day.

Will the installed screw pole not shrink over time?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

The spiral piles are prevented from collapsing by their windings, and the vertical load is distributed over the entire area in three layers - the lower and upper frame and the boards mounted on top.

Of course, what the rotating screw piles always have to pay attention to - the weaker the soil, the more likely the foundation is to fall. If the terrace is not elevated - shorter piles will suffice, but if the soil is looser (say poured, sand or gravel) - they should be chosen longer, starting from 1085 mm.

Will the frost not raise the screw piles?2021-03-24T05: 57: 54 + 00: 00

We are terrace professionals and have been involved in many projects. So far, it has not been possible to encounter protruding foundations, both concrete and screw, due to frost, when they are installed correctly - this is taking into account the properties of the ground, the height above the ground (before construction) and the loads. So it is best to follow the practice, to draw on your own experience and the statistics of weather forecasters of recent years, and LRS STR. proves - for light constructions, install the depth of the foundation at a depth of 800-1200 mm.


Read more about the frost in Lithuania HERE

Is it possible to install screw piles in winter?2021-02-08T11: 59: 06 + 00: 00

Yes! One of the main advantages of installing screw foundations or laying a foundation for a terrace on a screw foundation is that you can continue construction work on the same day without waiting, unlike installing concrete foundations - especially in the cold period, when the setting time is particularly long and project planning has to be extended. .

Do screw foundations cost less than concrete foundations?2021-02-08T12: 11: 08 + 00: 00

The installation time of screw foundations is much shorter compared to conventional, concrete foundations. For example, for an outdoor terrace, it takes a few hours to turn the screw piles, and then you can do the frame assembly work. In addition, there is no need to dig extra ground, do soil reinforcement work, you avoid concrete stiffness. This saves time and money at the same time. Therefore, screw foundations are often a cheaper and more optimal solution.

Which screw foundation should I choose?2021-03-24T06: 01: 10 + 00: 00

Video tips for choosing screw piles:

Tips on screw pile types HERE

What can a screw foundation be used for?2021-02-08T12: 10: 20 + 00: 00

Screw foundations can be used in many construction works:

  • building a terrace,
  • sauna,
  • pantry,
  • a small house
  • garage
  • fences and enclosures,
  • malkines,
  • greenhouses,
  • raised beds,
  • transgression,
  • piers,
  • playgrounds and even more small architectural objects.

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