Screw foundation screwing tool (RENTAL 1 day)


Designed for mounting on screw foundations 60-76mm thick, 550 - 1085mm long

Important: VIDEO of how the equipment works below

The set includes:

  1. Reducer-retarder for screwing in the screw foundation
  2. Nozzle for U or M type pole
  3. Guide support
  4. 40 or 60mm ground drill
  5. Slow drill 2in1, to which you can connect both a 40mm ground drill and a nozzle for screwing in the pole

If your project needs screw foundation screwing equipment and you are not from Vilnius - not a problem! We will deliver the tool all over Lithuania via courier service, and when you have finished the work - you will be able to return it simply via bus shipments.
For shipments to other cities, a one-time travel fee of € 12.50 applies.

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